Republican 2020 Convention To Be Held In Charlotte

The Republican National Committee has chosen Charlotte, North Carolina for its 2020 national convention. The city’s council voted to approve a tentative contract to host the convention by a narrow 6-5 vote. The Charlotte Regional Visitors Authority praised the vote and expressed its support for hosting the convention.

RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel said, “I am thrilled to announce Charlotte as the official host city for the 2020 Republican National Convention.” She continued, “We look forward to seeing the Queen City take center stage as the Republican Party renominates President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence to continue fighting for the American people.”

The decision to host the Republican national convention was not without controversy. More than 100 people made clear at the Charlotte City Council meeting that they opposed the bid for the convention. Although Mayor Vi Lyles (D) supported the bid, she said she would not offer a welcome address.

By hosting the Republican national convention, Charlotte is sure to become a lightning rod for protests. In fact, North Carolina is considered to have one of the most experienced and media-savvy progressive protest infrastructures in the country. The security headaches, infrastructure costs, and the traffic disruptions are sure to lead to vocal complaints from a considerable number of those affected.

North Carolina is a swing state that is critical to President Donald Trump’s re-election. Both the Republican and Democratic parties have fought hard to gain an edge in the state in recent elections. In 2008, Democrat Barack Obama won the state’s 15 electoral votes, but Republican nominee Mitt Romney won them in 2012 and Trump won them in 2016. Trump held his most recent campaign fundraiser in North Carolina last October.

While Democrats have reportedly narrowed the list of cities they are considering for their national convention to three, they have not begun to actively scout locations. The cities of Houston, Miami Beach, and Milwaukee are in contention to host, but no site visits have happened yet. In 2016, the Democrats held their convention in Philadelphia.

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