Teens, men in 40s frequent victims of intense workout related injuries

Keeping fit is a must for everyone, but when it becomes a trend with people picking up intense workouts by looking at others and blindly without consulting fitness experts and their doctors, trouble starts.

Doctors have said that teenagers and middle-aged men are frequent victims of intense workouts, where a wrong form of an exercise do them in, leading to back injuries, muscle pull and even kidney damage. In women, it works out in a different way. They have to stay put with exhaustion and pain in the uterus.

Experts point out that the reason body-builders and fitness professionals are able to cope with high-intensity workouts is that they have high fitness levels are high. However, that does not mean that they do not suffer injuries. But they do not allow it to stretch beyond certain level. A normal person, however, does not take the signals seriously and this leads to a problematic situation.

Experts noted that exercise burns calories more efficiently and increases the metabolism for hours. As obesity has become a major challenge, moderate exercises will help people stay fit. Maintaining the body weight can also reduce heart diseases, diabetes and other chronic illness.

Complete blood profile, liver and renal function tests, ECG and 2D echo, Vitamin D3 and ferritin blood test and chest X-ray are advisable for persons who opt of high-intensity exercises.

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