This UK company offers ‘hangover’ sick days off its staffers

A UK based company is offering its staffers ‘hangover’ sick days and employees can simply get the off by texting in the emojis for “music”, “beers” and “sick”.

DICE, a London-based music ticketing app for smartphones, said that its staff will no longer have to fake being sick or an infection and simply tell their bosses what they have been up to. DICE founder Phil Hutcheon said late night networking was important for his employees since “some of the best deals in the industry happen after a gig”.

“We trust each other and want people to be open if they’re out late experiencing live music. There is no need for a fake sick bug,” he said.

DICE said the days off were not just for drinkers and “all staff are encouraged to take Hangover Days if they’ve had a late one on the music scene”.

“We’re all at gigs every night and meeting with people in the industry,” DICE employee Oscar Nicholas said.

London has a vibrant live music scene. Starting from 2016, some London Underground lines now run 24-hours a day to carry late-night revellers.

The company’s largesse has its limits, however. It is limiting the number of “Hangover Days” per employee to four a year.

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