Black Panther Setting Records at the Box Office

Black Panther, the first film from Marvel with an African American director earned nearly $200 million for its debut of three days this weekend across North America, which would make it the fifth largest opening since records have been kept.

The opening of the film that stars Chadwick Boseman as well as Michael B. Jordan not only shattered most expectations, but broke several records at the box office.

It flew by the record for the biggest opening for African American directors, which was held by F. Gary Gray who directed The Fate of the Furious that opened last April at $98 million.

Disney has estimated that for the four-day current holiday weekend the film will earn more than $218 million domestically. The film earned a worldwide opening figure of more than $361 million.

Black Panther has also shattered the opening record for February which was owned by Deadpool the superhero film by 20th Century Fox which earned $132 billion in February of 2016.

The Black Panther opening is now the second largest for a Marvel Studios movie behind only the 2012 debut of The Avengers. It surpassed other huge blockbusters such as Iron Man 3, Captain America: Civil War, and Avengers: Age of Ultron. It is the 18th consecutive No. 1 opening for the studio.

The weekend of record breaking at the box office has become a watershed moment of the movie industry. As Black Panthers reaches box office levels that have eluded other titles by African Americans, the totals by the film could impact change within the movie industry through the encouragement of diversity for both in front as well as behind the camera.

One media analyst called the film a hugely important milestone. Adding that Black Panther had exceeded even the biggest expectations for box office receipts while at the same time breaking down several cinematic barriers as well as marking a big turning point in evolution for this genre.

Audiences gave Black Panther a rating of A+ while giving a close to perfect 97% score on Rotten Tomatoes, the review site. That score makes the film one of the best-ever reviewed movies with superheroes of all time.

The movie could begin to set more box office records moving forward as its popularity increases following its successful four-day weekend debut on President’s Day weekend.

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