Jarvis Landry Agent Talks with Bears and Ravens About Trade

The Ravens and Bears are amongst five teams or more that talked with the agent representing Jarvis Landry about a possible trade for the wide receiver, says a source close to the situation. The source also said that no deal was imminent.

Landry’s agent was given permission by the Miami Dolphins to pursue a trade for the wide receiver, who was franchise tagged by the team. A least two NFL teams have communicated interest but others are said to have made initial contact with the agent.

Landry did inform the Dolphins that he would sign the franchise tax that last month the team gave him. On Friday, an NFL source said that Landry is planning to sign the franchise tag as soon as this week, but no other details about when were released.

Landry has also formally given notification to the National Football League Players’ Association of the plans he has to sign the franchise tag, said the same source.

This non-exclusive tag allows the team and Landry to work on putting a trade together with another team if the compensation is agreed to by all parties involved.

If a trade is not able to be worked out and Landry has already signed the franchise tag, Miami will be able to pay him the agreed upon amount for the franchise year or try to sign him to a contract extension.

Landry and Miami exchanged contract offers prior to the team labeling him with the franchise tag on February 20.

The Dolphins receiver is considered an inside receiver thanks to his being 5-foot-11 and having a career per-catch average of 10.1 yards. The label of inside receiver usually does not command the same type of payout as do true outside wide receivers, but a number of coaches that were attending the NFL combined said that Landry has the ability to play both on the inside as well as the outside.

Landry, who is 25, has been in the NFL since 2014. Since then, he has 400 receptions, 22 touchdowns and three appearances in the Pro-Bowl.

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