Mexico Elects Leftist Manuel Lopez Obrador as Next President

Manuel Lopez Obrador declared victory in Sunday’s presidential election in Mexico, as preliminary results indicated the leftist politician, who campaigned as an agent of change, won by a landslide.

It was estimated that Obrador took in more than 53% of the vote, which was more than double that of his nearest rival, said an official with the electoral commission.

Lopez Obrador, who is known by his four initials AMLO, was called by current Mexico President Enrique Pena Nieto and congratulated. Pena Nieto pledged to help with an orderly transition of power. Lopez Obrador will take power officially December 1.

Lopez Obrador led by a big margin in all the polls during the run up to the vote held on Sunday with a 20-point lead at times over his closest rivals. After just hours of the polls closing on Sunday evening, three of his biggest rivals conceded defeat.

During a speech to his supporters, the new President-elect told them he would forge a new relationship with the United States that will be rooted in mutual respect as well as in defense of the country’s migrant workers, who both live and work honestly in the U.S.

Lopez Obrador added that migration should be a choice, not a necessity, promising he would strengthen Mexico’s market by attempting to produce in the country what it consumes so Mexicans are able to work as well as be happy in the country they were born in, where their family lives and where their culture and customs are.

Lopez Obrador has promised to battle violence and put an end to corruption, which he says was due to the current political regime in decay.

He added he would pursue a new peace plan with United Nations representatives, religious and human rights organizations, to help battle the high murder rate, which has soared to all-time highs under the current administration.

AMLO was congratulated by United States President Donald Trump via a tweet that said he looked forward to working with the new president as there is much that needs to be done that will be a benefit to both the U.S. and Mexico.

Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau congratulated the new president-elect of Mexico saying two nations have common goals, strong ties, and a trading relationship that is mutually beneficial that the world envy’s.

Younger Mexicans were expected to play a key role in the direction of the country at the polls on Sunday.  Close to 13 million Mexican voters between 18 and 23 years of age were expected at the polls for just the first time.

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