Lyft and Uber Held Acquisition Talks with Skedaddle

It appears that Uber as well as Lyft are pursuing Skedaddle the crowdsourced bus startup. This is the most recent indication that the two ride-hailing businesses want to increase their companies to include every mode of transportation from scooters and bikes to last-mile solutions, to travel inter-city in cars and longer distances in high-capacity vehicles.

Uber has held talks with Skedaddle to acquire the startup for over a month, said one unnamed source. Skedaddle has also held discussions with Lyft recently, said another source.

Both Uber and Skedaddle declined to make comments. A Lyft spokesperson said the company was not holding talks to acquire the startup.

In 2015 Skedaddle launched to help people find an easy and low-cost way to travel longer distances to events such as music festivals. It can be comparable to ride-sharing but to another city, not to go to dinner around the block.

Skedaddle has an app that allows individuals to crowdsource bus rides from private owners. Once a demand for a ride exists to a specific destination, such as a music festival or popular place to hike, the bus is then booked. The confirmed riders are then picked up by the bus within the city of origin.

The company, which is New York and Boston based, has remained mostly on the East Coast. However, it recently expanded in part because of the Washington Women’s March held during March.

Skedaddle gained media attention earlier in 2018 when it transported over 11,000 people to the Women’s March from places as far west as Kansas.

Both Lyft and Uber have made moves of late toward investing in businesses that specialized in different forms of transportation in order to have a market share across the board in modes of transportation.

Both Lyft and Uber do not have anything similar to Skedaddle.

This past April, Uber bought JUMP bikes at approximately $200 million and only days later the company’s CEO Dara Khosrowshahi released information on a deal with Getaround, an instant car-booking company to launch UberRENT and a new partnership with mobile ticketing platform Masabi for public transportation that is working with 30 agencies worldwide.

Uber applied as well to receive a permit for electric scooters to be placed in San Francisco.

Lyft recently received $600 million in new funding and bought Motivate, the largest and oldest electric bicycle share business in North America.

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