Starbucks Announces Plastic Straws Will Become a Thing of the Past

The coffeehouse chain Starbucks announced Monday that by the 2020 all stores will eliminate the use of plastic straws.

By doing this, the company will eliminate the use of more than one billion plastic straws annually. The use of plastic straws pollutes the oceans and is dangerous to marine life. Because of this, several governments initiated legislations that over time will put an end to plastic straw use.

In order to eliminate the use of plastic straws from all its stores, Starbucks will have to shift from plastic lids to a raised lip cup so the customer will be able to drink directly from the cup without the need of a straw. The new designs for Starbucks cups are similar to the “sippy cup” used by toddlers.

Starbucks will eliminate the entire use of plastic straws and will use paper straws or something that is similar to plastic but biodegradable. Those new straws are available and the coffeehouse chain said customer can request the new eco-friendly varieties.

Some Starbucks drinks that already have a lid without an opening for a straw are the cold brew drinks that have foam but are not hot.

This fall, Starbucks officially launch a full line of new straws starting in in Seattle, and Vancouver, Canada.

Besides Starbucks, other companies such as McDonald´s have joined the trend of eliminating the use of straws. One such company is McDonalds.  The Golden Arches in the United Kingdom and Ireland will stop using straws by September and by sometime in 2019 McDonald’s says end the use of plastics straws in all its locations worldwide.

Because of the initiative of some of the large companies in the UK, such as McDonald’s, other proposals by the government of the UK as well as the European Union have been made.

The EU and the UK do not only want plastic straws to be banned from the market, but also other plastic items. They want to follow the lead of cities like Seattle where plastic straws are banned as are plastic utensils.

More than 100,000 mammals that call the seas home die annually because they swallow or get tangled in plastic waste.

Erin Simon, director at World Wildlife Fund in the United States hopes that other companies will follow suit and do what Starbucks is doing.

Nicholas Mallos, director of Ocean Conservancy´s Trash Free Seas program, stated that Starbucks pledge to fight ocean pollution is outstanding. He added that Starbucks is an example that will lead the way ending pollutions in the world’s waterways and the devastation of marine life.

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