Former Head of CDC Tom Frieden Arrested for Forcibly Touching Woman

Dr. Thomas Frieden, the former Center for Disease Control director was arrested and charged on Friday with forcible touching, said a statement released by the New York Police Department.

Authorities, according to an official in law enforcement, filled three charges against the doctor that stem from an incident that allegedly took place at his home last October in Brooklyn Heights.

Frieden, who is 57, left the CDC in January of 2017. He was arraigned at the Brooklyn Criminal Court and faces one count of forcible touching, on count of harassment and one count of sex abuse, said authorities. The doctor was released following his arraignment.

The court placed an order of protection and Frieden cannot have any contact with the alleged victim, said the office of the district attorney.

An official in law enforcement, who requested anonymity, said that allegedly a dinner party was held at Frieden’s home and while things were coming to an end and guests were leaving, Frieden allegedly grabbed the woman without receiving her consent. The two have known one another for many years, said the official.

The alleged victim was interviewed by the District Attorney’s Office of Brooklyn and found her credible, said the official.

A spokesperson for Dr. Frieden said that the allegations do not reflect the private nor public behavior of Dr. Frieden or the values he has had over a lifetime of service to help improved health worldwide.

In 2009, Frieden became the head of the CDC after being appointed by President Barack Obama. He entered during the H1N1 pandemic and saw the agency through the 2014 Ebola crisis. Previously he was the health commissioner of New York City and was key to the banning of smoking in public place and restaurants as well as battling trans fats in city restaurants.

Frieden resigned from the CDC when President Donald Trump became was sworn into office.

Following his time with the CDC, Frieden became the Resolve to Save Lives CEO. Resolve is a $225 million initiative that’s goal is to save the lives of millions from cardiovascular disease and to make the world safer when it comes to epidemics, says its website.

There has been no word from Frieden about resigning from his position as CEO of Resolve to Save Lives.

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