Man’s Racist Rant Caught on Video on Ryanair

European airline Ryanair has been criticized after one of its passengers made racist comments about one of his fellow passengers that were videotaped.

A member of the Ryanair crew on the flight to London from Barcelona intervened, but the flight took off Friday with one passenger and possibly more calling for the man who made the racist remarks to be removed from the plane.

In the video, the man could be heard saying that he refused to sit next to an older woman who was in the aisle seat while he was sitting in a window seat. The man spewed verbal insults at her and said she was an “ugly black bastard” prior to the plane taking off.

The video was posted Friday on social media.

The passenger could be heard making threats to push the woman into another seat if she refused to move.

Passengers on the plane said the captain could have been called by one of the flight attendants to have the man escorted from the plane or could have called the police.

Passengers complained that if the situation had been reversed and a black male had been doing the same thing to an elderly white woman, the man would have been taken off the plane and likely landed in jail.

Ryanair released a prepared statement on Sunday that said the company was aware of the video and had reported the matter to police in Essex, but did not comment any further.

An Essex Police spokesperson was not available for comment on Sunday.

One member of British parliament who represents the area of Tottenham in London called for Ryanair to be boycotted saying that if the airline believes it Ok for a racist man to remain on a flight after verbally abusing an elderly black woman, the airline should be boycotted.

The woman’s daughter who was several rows behind her mother later said in an interview that the problem started when her mother, who suffers from arthritis, did not stand immediately from her seat to allow the man into his window seat.

The daughter went to her mother at the time of the incident and defended her by saying she was both elderly and disabled. She told the man to stop shouting at her mother.

The man yelled back telling her not to tell him what to do and that if he tells her to get out, she must get out.

He added that he hoped someone sat between them since he did not want to sit next to the woman. He then said she was an “ugly f***ing cow.”

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