Sam’s Club Opening Cash Register Free Stores

Sam´s Club, a Walmart warehouse club, will open a new store in the Dallas area later this week. This opening will work as a test in selling technology. The store will use technology similar to that of the Amazon Go stores where there are no checkout aisles as customers can walk in shop and walk out and technology does the rest

The customer will have the opportunity to become familiar with a new technology-driven shopping experience. “Sam´s Club Now” is the name of the new store concept by Sam’s Club.

In order to shop at Sam´s Club Now, customers will need to buy a membership, as they must for other Sam’s Club locations. The way they shop will be a completely new experience. One of the changes made is customers will have “member hosts”, who will act more like caretakers and not cashiers.

Customers will be able to charge with a new specialized mobile app at Sam´s Club Now and will not be required to scan their items to be bought at a cash register.

This type of mobile app “Scan & Go” technology speeds up the checkout process. Customers can also scan their own items at the same time that they are placed in their carts; and they pay directly using their smartphones. Using this new mobile app allows customers to scan and pay; is a requirement and not an option.

Artificial intelligence will likewise power the customers shopping list. This will help the customer by showing his/her previous or most frequent purchases. By doing this, it will allow and remind the customers not to forget items they usually buy.

If the customers wish to delete those items from the list, they may do so. By doing this, it allows Sam´s Club Now to check which products are being sold and it demonstrates what customers are interested in.

In addition to all these helpful and resourceful features that this app offers, it also allows for customers to not only purchase the item but to place pickup orders on the same day or in one hour. Sam´s Club Now will not only reduce the number of cashiers but will also have a much smaller size averaging just 32,000 square feet.

The best part about developing and building on the technology is that it allows Sam´s Club Now to manage and optimize staff more efficiently.

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