Stocks Rally Part of the Way Back

We recovered about a third of yesterday’s sharp losses on Tuesday, as the market calmed down a bit from the recent round of tariff hike turmoil.

Tech really bounced back after getting beat up on Monday, helping the NASDAQ advance 1.14% (or about 87 points) to 7734.49.

The Dow soared more than 350 points at its best, which would have halved the dramatically overdone selloff yesterday. However, it limped into the close and finished with an advance of 0.82% (or 207 points) to 25,532.05.

The S&P climbed 0.80% to 2834.41.

Under normal circumstances, these were fantastic performances. But they come in the wake of the NASDAQ plunging 3.4% the previous day, while the other two major indices lost more than 2% each. (The Dow plunged 617 points.)

So we can forgive investors if they’re a little disappointed that we didn’t get a more robust rebound with higher volume.

In addition to just getting a grip after the other day’s wholesale selloff, the market also bounced today because trade talks will continue… though we may have to wait three to four weeks.

Nothing is scheduled until President Trump and China President Xi Jinping meeting at the G-20 late next month. However, new meetings could be scheduled before then. Either way, the market still seems to believe that a deal will get worked out at some point, though its more skeptical than ever before and will probably take a breath before getting its hope so high again.

Was this a ‘dead cat bounce’? We’ll find out soon enough. The bottom line is that no deal is likely coming in the very near term, so trade headlines will continue to impact the market. Let’s hope we get positive reports more often than not, and that this ongoing conflict doesn’t start to impact our historically strong economy.    

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